We’re experts at Facebook ads and product optimization

Our growth hacking turns leap-of-faith assumptions into quantitative marketing



Full-funnel acquisition strategies designed to convert and monetize

Product & Revenue Strategy

Leverage quantitative and qualitative data to optimize your product to increase conversions and revenue.

Performance Marketing Strategy

Highly analytical approach to consumer acquisition that optimizes for both cost-per-conversion and quality.

Product Market Fit

Determine who needs your product and why they need it


Watch users interact with your site in a live environment and identify opportunities to improve your product.


Survey users to uncover what matters most and then use the data to establish product market fit.

Performance Analytics

Use real data to build efficiencies with consumer acquisition and retention

Analytic Dashboards

Implement industry-leading analytics software to uncover data about your audience: where they come from, who converts, who returns, who is likely to share or pay.

Competitive Analysis

Monitor your competitors and discover the methods they use to acquire and convert traffic, from keywords to email and display creative.



Grow Traffic

Efficiently acquire consumers for mobile installs or web-based traffic

Facebook Advertising

Our team has “cracked” Facebook PPC to drive profitable offsite conversions, mobile app installs, and conversions on Facebook pages.

Facebook Exchange

We can help you with leverage Facebook Exchange FBX to dynamically re-target your most valuable consumers.

Paid Search

We’ve managed more than $250MM in spend on Google at 32% gross margin. We’ll optimize your accounts, build campaigns, and implement keyword-level tracking and bidding to drive volume and profit.

Optimize Product

In-depth testing and revision to maximize product potential


We have launched thousands of A/B and multivariate tests. Our winning variations have driven millions in sustained incremental profits.

Copy Testing

We identify the copy with high elasticity for conversion rates and implement simple processes that allow for ongoing copy testing without pushing code.

Design & UI

Improve your conversion rates by altering page structure, design elements and color contrast to draw the user’s eyes to the right page elements.

Optimize Revenue

Maximize the lifetime value (LTV) of your consumer traffic

Revenue Optimization

Retention and churn analysis of your existing user base to inform product marketing strategy. Pricing, packaging and revenue optimization.

Email Marketing

Expand gross margin by with effective email programs designed to engage your user base and maintain ongoing monetization. Optimize open rates, CTR, inbox penetration and deliverability.

Convert Users Into Revenue

Convert Users Into Revenue: Analyze the consumer buying cycle to nurture leads into paying customers.


  • Startup Bootcamp (Funded <$1MM): 30 Day Sprint
    • Performance marketing accelerator, $5K flat fee plus 50K advisor shares
    • 20 hours of hands-on consulting / Facebook advertising setup
  • Growth Hacking Engagement: 90 Day Sprint
    • Flat retainer $60K, $20K/month for 80 hours/month, media fees separate
    • Custom pricing available for more than 80 hours per month
  • High Growth Engagement (post Growth Hacking): 180 days
    • Retainer of $25K/month for 80 hours/month plus performance bonus and/or equity, media fees separate

Meet Our Team

Over $250 million in profitable ad spend management

Brian Bowman

Brian Bowman

Founder / CEO
Tom Young

Tom Young

Chief Marketing Officer
Brandon Tom

Brandon Tom

Exec Director, Marketing
Preetesh Dixit

Preetesh Dixit

Performance Marketing Manager
We're Hiring

We're Hiring


ConsumerAcquisition.com is a full-service growth hacking agency, founded by data-driven performance marketing experts. We are acquire consumers from Facebook and Google, and we specialize in mobile app installs and web-based performance marketing. We are 100% transparent, work on a flat retainer and use your media accounts. No proprietary technology, no markups and no hidden fees. We have profitably managed over $250MM in paid acquisition. Product and AppStore optimization services are also available.

We are pioneering a Growth Hacker methodology to help brands and direct response advertisers achieve direct response performance at scale. Whether you are a Fortune 500 organization or startup struggling with the question of how to quickly build a user base, we can help.

We have been chosen by some of the world’s leading marketers to help them grow. We work tirelessly to get you the right download, engagement, revenue, conversion rate, sale, subscription, registration… profitably, at scale, and before your competition. Take a minute to check out our process and then please contact us to get started.


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A Ford Motor Company and dealer joint venture to create a digital presence for dealers.
Jolly Jam

Jolly Jam

A fresh puzzle game on iOS.
Circle App

Circle App

Circle the most popular local network.
Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes

The premiere movie-goer destination with community and reviews.


ETF and index fund portfolio engine
Marin Software

Marin Software

The leading provider of online advertising management solutions.

ConsumerAcquisition is an absolute world-class organization that brought tremendous growth and efficiency to our paid acquisition efforts. They work with us across both mobile and paid search user acquisition, significantly outperforming all our previous Ad agencies. They learned our business quickly and massively scaled both business lines. As if that wasn’t sufficient, they continue to impress us with their deep analytical approach at increasing ROI, incredible attention to detail, and last but not least — 24/7 responsiveness.”

- Ramneek Bhasin, GM Mobile & VP Products, TheFind.com

We engaged ConsumerAcquisition.com to drive iOS app installs and they amazed me with their performance. If you want low cost installs at scale, this is the team to work with.”

- Dan Putterman, CEO, Pogoplug.com

We hired ConsumerAcquisition.com to help us grow our app installs. Brian and his team have worked hard testing lots of new creative and strategies to find concepts and creative that work. They increased our mobile installs more than 600% while maintaining our cost per install. Their constant testing and determination have helped our company increase growth and find new areas of opportunity.”

- Jim Miller, Founder and CEO, OnlineConvergence.com

ConsumerAcquisition helped us establish our Facebook user acquisition channel, trained our team and then handed over all the accounts. By working closely together, we grew the channel meaningfully in two quarters and continue to build our Facebook business with the approach ConsumerAcquisition installed. In addition, they provided some great feedback and ideas to optimize our landing pages that help lift conversion rates meaningfully. Facebook is tough to conquer, but this team brings tremendous knowledge and experience to that task and gives you a great shot at success.”

- Sean Fox, Co-President and Chief Revenue Officer, Freedom Financial Network (Bills.com)

ConsumerAcquisition drove immediate growth for our mobile app, and helped develop our user acquisition funnel on the web and in the AppStore. I was blown away by the volume of tests that were rolled out and the variety of approaches that were explored. Through extensive ad optimization, they were able to scale user-volume fast while reducing our cost-per-user. This team comes highly recommended.”

- Laurie Hinckley, Founder, BuySellIQ.com

I have worked with Brian and Tom through a couple of companies and have always appreciated their focus on results and analysis, along with a good sense of humor that goes a long way in helping to have a little fun while getting stuff done.”

- Ben Smith, CEO, Wanderful Media

Brian transformed marketing from the use of affiliates to a major PPC program that widened gross margins.

- Sharon Wienbar, Partner at Scale Venture Partners

Brian has been an advisor and friend to the Rotten Tomatoes founding team for many years and his experience and knowledge in both entertainment and in large-scale websites is deep and diverse. He’s been an early and important leader in the online industry and I look forward to being able to solicit his help again in future projects.” 

- Stephen Wang, Co-Founder, Rotten Tomatoes


Our latest posts and rants

ConsumerAcquisition in The Wall Street Journal


So thrilled the Wall Street Journal covered our start up today.  We are a full-service growth hacking agency, founded by data-driven performance marketing experts.  We acquire consumers from Facebook & Google and specialize in paid mobile app installs, lead acquisition, landing page and AppStore optimization.  We are 100% transparent, work on a flat retainer and use your media accounts. No proprietary technology, no markups and no hidden fees, pricing is available on our site. We have profitably managed over $250MM in paid acquisition and consistently driven our clients to #1 in the AppStore. 

If you are interested in profitably acquiring traffic from Facebook, we deliver results.  In fact, we have driven over 1,000,000 app installs for less than $1.00 each!

We Are Hiring A Search Engine Marketing Manager


We Are Hiring A Search Engine Marketing Manager

The ideal Search Engine Marketing Manager is hyper-analytical, creative, and has a strong passion for learning. We’re the best at what we do, we work as hard as anyone you’ve ever worked with, and we expect you to fit right in.

The Perfect Search Engine Marketing Manager Candidate:

  • SEM experience – you’ve managed more than $100K/month on Google and Bing, for ROI-based performance marketing
  • Marin Software experience – you’ve used Marin Software for SEM bid management
  • Data rules – you realize data is more important than your opinion or your ego
  • Hit the ground running – you believe you can perform on day #1 and that you’ll be able to teach us a thing or two
  • Always on – nights, weekends, holidays, it doesn’t matter; you love being responsible for your business
  • Hungry – you have a passion for growing as a professional, you’re competitive, and you want to be the best at whatever you do
  • Smart – you have a Bachelor’s Degree+

Here’s Why You Want to Work With Us:

  • Work from home – who needs an office? We work from home and we don’t have a physical location. Our goal is not to have an office any time soon, meaning you can make great money, in your sweat pants, with the flexibility to manage your own time.
  • Competitive compensation – we know the best candidates don’t come cheap, and we know good employees get squirrelly when they’re underpaid. We pay well.
  • Early stage start-up (without the risk)we’re profitable, we have money in the bank, and we can grow even faster with your expertise. Let’s go!


We Drove 1 Million Mobile App Installs on Facebook for Less Than $1 Each

dollarWe drove more than 1 million mobile app installs on Facebook in the past few months, and our cost-per-install (CPI) averaged less than $1.00. We achieved these results across multiple clients and verticals, and we fine-tuned our advertising strategy with every dollar spent. We’re convinced our process is the most efficient for driving mobile app installs on Facebook, and we’re excited to highlight our strategy for you.

Many advertisers tell us they’re happy with a CPI below $4.00, where we hit the panic button when our CPI balloons to $1.00. What makes us different? We developed a strategy that allows us to beat the market CPI, across clients and verticals, time and time again. Our process is part art, part science, and a whole lot of blood, sweat and analytics.

The Art

Developing highly-efficient ad creative is an art that will save you a ton of money. Your biggest lever to reduce CPI is to optimize your creative for CTR% and conversion %. From ad copy, to ad images, to App Store and Google Play app descriptions, we religiously introduce new variations. We recommend using short, clear calls to action for your ad copy, focusing on detail and readability of your images, and making sure the App Store and Google Play app descriptions mirror the messaging and imagery in your Facebook ads.

The Science

Data rules in our company, and we take a scientific approach to performance analysis and bid management. We use Nanigans to execute our strategy, and our unique process allows us to manage ads in a lifecycle. Ad Engine’s dynamic bidding adapts to the performance of ads at various stages in the lifecycle, driving up CTR% and minimizing CPI. We recommend spending up to 20% of your budget testing new ads, quickly pausing underperforming ads, and only attempting to scale your most efficient ads.

Blood, Sweat and Analytics

The only constant on Facebook is change. Ads burn out quickly (every 4-7 days) and performance can swing at any moment. We gain an extra 20% efficiency by obsessing over data in real-time, and Nanigans helps automate that analysis. By monitoring hourly trends 7 days a week, nights and holidays included, we quickly react to fluctuations and limit financial damage. A couple of inefficient hours can blow out our budget and blow up our CPI, so we’re always on guard. We recommend frequently monitoring intraday performance using Nanigans’ new Performance Analysis reporting tool to quickly identify marketplace performance fluctuations.

Most advertisers shouldn’t be satisfied with a $4.00 CPI. If you’re paying more than $1.00 per mobile app install on Facebook, you likely have an opportunity to reduce your CPI overnight. Our mobile app install strategy is fully transparent, we work with our clients’ Facebook and Nanigans accounts, and our clients have the option to be trained on our process.

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